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An Open Letter to Talx and Equifax

A blog post written by Jason Morris, a screening and risk management professional, details serious concerns regarding changes that were made last year to The Work Number "product configuration and associated billing practices."

Morris states, "First and most importantly, end-user employer requests for verification of previous employment history are deliberate and specific. Employers specifically request a recent history or history that aligns with work performed by a candidate that is “job related” or relevant. When an employer seeks to verify the previous three employers or last five years of relevant work history, for example, returning a report that includes other employment that does not fall within the requested timeframe or that contains non-relevant work history, is of no use whatsoever but will still result in a major fee from TWN. Further, returning work history in bulk only creates noise and confusion on the consumer report, making it more difficult for the candidate to understand the purpose, nature and use of the information on the report."

Please find the full open letter to Rudy Ploder, President, Equifax Workforce Solutions at

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