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Applicant Q&A

We are a nationally recognized leader in pre-employment screening. What does that mean to you as one of our potential applicants?

We are insured and licensed to conduct pre-employment background investigations. Each employer has its own specific needs. This section will expand as the need for it does so.

  • What type of information is included in a background check?
    Most employment background checks require criminal record checks to determine if the candidate has been convicted of a crime. However, background checks are often tailored to meet the needs of a specific client and can numerous other services - including, but not limited to, employment verification, educational history verification, credit checks, MVR records, and personal and professional references.
  • What's the status of my background check?
    We understand your concern. We really do. You're here because your cocerned about the integrity and progress of your backgroud check. And so are we. If your background check is ongoing, please contact your employer or recruiter directly.
  • What if I can't remember everything?
    Provide as much accurate information as possible. We provide the information you provide with the information provided by your former employer or educational institution. If you were involved in temporary or contract work, please list the company that paid you directly instead of the organization you performed work for.
  • The company I worked for has gone out of business!
    Provide as much information about the company as you can - such as the name, location, and why the company went out of business. You may be asked to provide additional documentation by your potential employer.
  • That's nice, but what about my specific background check?"
    We take your concerns very seriously. And we understand no matter how specific our FAQ becomes, we can do better. Every background check is different. If you find yourself not knowing what question to ask next, please feel free to contact us directly at 866.243.5054. Our Dedicated Customer Service personnel are standing by to take care of your needs.
  • When was my background check requested?
    Our client's needs vary so much - please contact your recruiter or potential empoyer directly to obtain this information.
  • Why was a background check even requested?
    Contact your recruiter or your potential employer directly to obtain this information.
  • Well, how long does this process take?"
    It varies. Most reports are completed within three to four business days; however, there can be mitigating circumstances. Delays can occur because of innacurate or incomplete data provided, unresponsive third parties, holidays, and natural disasters.
  • What does a background check usually consist of?
    There is no ususally. Every employer has both the right and obligation to conduct a background check suited to the needs of their institution. The most requested areas from our cilents include a Social Security Trace, Criminal Record Searches, Education Verification, Empoyment Verification, Credit Check, Drug Screening, and E-Verify.
  • What if there's a problem with my background check? Will someone ask me for more information?
    If additional information is needed, you will hear directly from your potential employer. Our team takes the custody of information very seriously. If additional information is required, we will contact your potential employer to provide the information to us directly.
  • Can my potential employer share the results of my background check with another potential employer?
    No. Absolutely not. Unless you have specfically provided authorization for another firm to receive the results We only provide the results of our background checks to the company that requests them.
  • Can I dispute the results of my background check?
    The dispute process is one of the most important parts of this industry. If you feel any part of your consumer report may be innacurate, please contact our offices directly at 866.243.5054
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