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With a variety of service options and customized background screening packages built to suit your needs, Select PI/PSA serves a diverse client base nationwide and internationally.  From a start-up screening their first employee to a Fortune 1000 Company, we excel in the following industries. Let us assist you in making the best hiring decisions. 

  • Government Contractors

    • Our wide variety of services are easily tailored to the needs of our clients. It is critical for government institutions to be secure in hiring decisions. State and Federal contractors demand not only speed but accuracy. We operate both with in-house Compliance and Quality assurance as well as IT support. Our status as a Women-Owned Business can assist in meeting the requirements of your organization. 

  • Oil & Gas Corporations

    • It is critical for oil and gas corporations, as well as other businesses within the energy sector, to stay operational and secure. Background checks must maintain both state and federal compliance and creating a safe work environment for both customer data and on the ground is of utmost importance.​

  • Retail Services

    • A fast-paced work environment demands fast-paced results and never at the expense of accuracy. We are a technologically driven company with high compliance standards. We help our clients mitigate risk with our in-house Quality Assurance and Compliance team. ​

  • Healthcare Organizations

    • Background screening for healthcare professionals require efficiency, accuracy, and the mitigation of risk, but demand putting people first. We offer a wide variety of screening services from criminal background screening to OIG exclusion lists, and our Dedicated Customer Service professionals are on hand to assist in creating a safe work environment. ​

  • City Government

    • We offer the benefit of years of experience working with not only local city governments, but police departments to meet their unique needs. We offer extensive investigative consumer reports and the reference checks required to ensure the candidate is right for you.​

  • Homebuilders

    • Partnering with our company means more than just an expert in our industry, but partnering with a company with expertise in your local community. Our nationwide network of professionals understands creating a home is a sacred experience. Your Dedicated Customer Service professional is committed to protecting your communities, culture, and customers. ​

  • Recruitment Firms

    • Our built-in Applicant Tracking System (or ATS) is built-in FCRA compliant -including state level-, accepts electronic signatures, automatically limits private data to 3rd party requestors, and requires candidate data collection that limits data entry for the employer and reduces "keying errors". All of this is designed to work with human resources recruiters and security professionals to assist in workflow management that will help reach a hiring decision. ​

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