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We are here to help enable the electronic handling of your recruitment procedures. Click HERE to read more about our comprehensive Applicant Tracking System. 


Turnaround Time: Varies

SelectPI confirms all educational degrees attained, including dates attended, degree, major, and grade point average. We have over 6,000 institutions in our case management system, which is updated daily. We also check your applicant's educational institution against our worldwide fraudulent diploma mill database. 


Turnaround Time: Varies

SelectPI verifies previous employment submitted by the applicant.  Areas of verification include dates of employment, position, salary, the reason for leaving, and eligibility of rehire. SelectPI's standard is to complete two calls on each employment listed by the applicant. The first call is to the Human Resources Department, which provides the most accurate information, and the second, to the listed supervisor in an effort to obtain the additional information regarding the applicant's attendance, performance, and eligibility of rehire. In addition to our standard questions, we encourage our clients to provide customized questions for us to use when we contact both past employers and references... Questions that you believe are critical to ensuring the applicant's knowledge of your specific industry. 


Turnaround Time: County (48-72 hours), Statewide (varies), Federal (48-72 hours), International (Varies)

SelectPI will search all felony and/or misdemeanor criminal records in the counties where the applicant has resided. Records are available in over 3300 counties in the United States. Records are searched using on-site resources as opposed to less current databases and will generally list all offenses and dispositions. Federal, State, and Civil investigative searches are also available.  Statewide records are available through the State Repositories in most states; however, these facilities are not always current in their information. 


To maintain compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, archived databases are not commonly utilized by SelectPI. If a customer specifically requests that one be used, then all negative information must be verified in person at the local courthouse where the record resides.


Turnaround Time: Immediate

The E-Verify Program is an initiative designed to: Provide employment status information to authorized private employers and designated agents to determine the eligibility of applicants for employment.

Social security numbers are validated utilizing legally accessible credit header information. Verification includes authenticating that the number is valid and reporting on the state where it was issued.


Turnaround TImes: 1-3 Days

SelectPI will provide a driving record on your applicant to help prevent placing a person with a poor driving history behind the wheel on company business.  Whether your employee is running an errand in a company or private car, an employer can be deemed negligent if a driver is hired without checking the previous driving history. Records are available in all states (some require specific forms) and provide a three-year driving history. 


Turn Around Time: 24-48 Hours

SelectPI understands creating a safe environment for your staff and customers is of utmost importance, especially in a critically sensitive position such as education and health or childcare.  We offer a nationwide sex offender registry search to assist in identifying any candidates who may be listed on a state or other jurisdictions sex offender registry by utilizing the most accurate and up to date information provided.  


Turn Around Time: Varies by Jurisdiction

Federal crimes are offenses committed where the United States Government maintains jurisdiction.  SelectPI offers a comprehensive search of the 94 federal courts across the United States. These cases typically fall under federal jurisdiction because they cross state lines, international borders, or occur on Federal land such as a national park or military base and can include tax evasion, immigration law violations, kidnapping, and interstate drug trafficking. 


Turn Around Time: 2-4 Days

SelectPI provides nationwide substance abuse screening through a network of laboratory standard patient service centers.  Testing is conducted in full compliance with accepted chain of custody protocols and administered in off-site facilities throughout the United States.


Turnaround Time: Up to 12 Weeks

SelectPI will confirm all military service records through the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.  However, all attempts are made to contact commanding officers in order to obtain a professional and service reference.  This will provide the employer with more detailed information not available through the National Personnel Records Center. Due to US Government response time, military history record confirmation can require up to 12 weeks. 


Turnaround Time: Varies

All references are contacted to obtain information concerning the applicant's previous employment information. We also use this as a tool to discover additional employers and addresses not revealed by your applicant. 


Turnaround TIme: 24-48 Hours

There are over 100 million records available in this search covering the fifty states. The results are in a database comprised of Administrative Office of Courts records, state, and county criminal records, Department of Correction records, Parole and Release file, and Sexual/Violent Offender registries. This search is normally used as a supplement to a county felony and misdemeanor search since it will not contain all criminal information available and may not be current in its information.


Turn Around Time: Varies by Jursidiction

SelectPI offers a local civil record search wherever a candidate has resided.  Civil records are non-criminal law suits filed by a person or a company and can include protective orders, child support, contract violations, and personal injury lawsuits. 


Turn Around Time: 24-48 Hours

Provided through the U.S. Government, Debarment identifies those parties excluded from receiving Federal contracts or certain subcontracts through the U.S. Government as well as certain types of Federal financial and non-financial assistance and benefits.


Turnaround Time: Varies

SelectPI confirms the applicant's professional licenses are accurate and current.  These records are available at the state level.  In all states and the District of Columbia.  Records occasionally will provide the applicant's employment history, most recent employer, and any license transfers available. 


Turnaround Time: Varies

We verify memberships or organizations the applicant belongs and this could include years of membership, the position held, and current status. 


Turn Around Time: 24-48 Hours

The Office of the Inspector General provides sanction information to health care providers, patients, and others regarding individuals and entities that are excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid, and other Federal health care programs. This information is made available to health care providers who are considering hiring or contract with an individual or entity, as well as to the public interested in obtaining information about the Medicare or Medicaid participation status of an individual or entity. 


Turnaround Time: Varies

Utilizing our direct on-line access to major credit bureaus, SelectPI can provide you with a current report on your applicants' credit standing.  This includes past bankruptcies, payment history, and any outstanding liens or judgments. 


A signed and current waiver is a mandated requirement for this service. Please be advised, several states and jurisdictions now restrict the use of credit reports in hiring decisions.

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