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Red Light Green Light Background Screening

Background check providers, or consumer reporting agencies, exist to help you make a better, more informed hiring decision. We can’t make that decision for you.

“Like a credit report, a background check is nothing more than a collection of historical facts. Your credit report says you took out a $24,000 car loan two years ago, have $18,000 left to pay, your monthly payment is $476, and you’ve never made a late payment. It doesn’t say what kind of car you bought, what color it is, or whether it was the appropriate choice for your budget and lifestyle. Similarly, a background check might tell you that a candidate was convicted of a particular crime on a particular day and was given a specific sentence. It can’t tell you whether she’s nice or trustworthy, or whether she would fit into your team.” –Mike McCarty, Chief Executive Officer, Safe Hiring Solutions

Please read more by clicking here. "You Can't Have Red Light/Green Light Background Screening" Mike McCarty | Chief Executive Officer, Safe Hiring Solutions | Inside Indiana Business

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